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March 05, 2005

I love my new travel watch!

I've been in the market for a new travel watch for a while. I haven't been travelling much lately, so the need hasn't been all that pressing. I love my St. Moritz Pathfinder, but the alarm has been a bit winky lately and I was sort of hoping to find something with dual time, since Thailand is +15hrs (see previous post).

I ended up with an Ironman Sleek, which totally rocks. If you want to read more about it, please click continue below.

I had such great luck with a previous Ironman Triathlon that I tried a Timex Expedition watch (cheap from Campmor), but it had this weird I-control ring to set the alarms and such and the thing made no sense at all, even though it had a lot of what I wanted on it. Plus it was men's size, enormous and annoying. And ugly. And confusing. So I sent it back.

Here are my usual watch criteria:
•I have to like the way it looks+fits
•Waterproof (or resistant to some depth you'd never go anyway)
•Analog face
•Alarm (who packs an alarm clock?)
•Easy to navigate
And now, I wanted to add: •Dual Time.

I finally found EXACTLY what I wanted at a gross gen-Y watch store in the mall (which ended up costing me $20 more than had I gone to Target, as G. originally suggested. —But in my defense I checked Target online and didn't see this one. Um, until now. But it's blue online! Too Girly!)

Anyway, this new Ironman Sleek rocks so hard! It looks like a cool techhie watch. It has dual time (you can view the second zone for a second by pushing the button), THREE alarms which you can set up for daily, weekly or weekends, a timer (great for pasta), and, like, all this other fancy fitness stuff that I have no idea why you'd ever use it. Like, lap and split and interval timers (hey, interval timers, I could time the pasta THEN the garlic bread...), stuff like that. And, the alarm sounds pretty cool, too.

An interesting thing about buying watches now, you used to have to search for "men's" or "women's" or "Ladies," or whatever permutation they had set up. The new catch phrase for ladies' watches (at Timex anyway) is midsize. I guess men with small wrists were having a hard time buying women's watches and they've unisexed the language.

Anyway, my last Ironman lasted for more than 10 years with light use, so I have high hopes for this one. Especially since I've got 20 extra bucks invested in it. And yeah, the one thing I settled on was the non-analog face. But that's OK. This one is so easy to use and clear to read, I don't really care.

Posted by sedda at March 5, 2005 12:10 PM