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March 18, 2005

Helping the Monks of Kamala

I am pleased and excited to tell you about more of the donations the Knitzilla project has given to the people of Kamala Beach. Yesterday we supported 10 children in their school tuition for the next school year. (The big kids started summer vacation on Wednesday, the warm months are coming up.)

Today, Tik promised to help us by buying the uniform for a needy student. Also, she will take over our donation of about $250 to help the monks rebuild their temple. The temple is an important center of community, and by repairing it and rebuilding its strength, it's my hope that the community will be able to heal more fully.

The small donation isn't nearly enough, as the walls alone will cost $10,000, but monks rely solely on community support so the funds may go toward their food, clothing, sleeping mats, etc., while construction is underway. We hope a generous donor will surface soon so the walls can be enclosed before the monsoons begin (and, they are really close to the water, so that rain will blow right in off the water). A separate group is working on a larger project to help with the entire complex, long term (see previous post, and this website).

There still are funds left (if you can believe that — see how far your donations are going?!), which will be put to good use in Khao Lak. I'll be heading up there shortly.

Posted by sedda at March 18, 2005 09:11 AM