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February 12, 2005

www.tsunamireliefla.org fundraiser event today

Today's tsunami fundraiser in Eagle Rock, hosted by tsunamireliefla.org, was a great success, raising more than $3000 for tsunami survivors.

For the price of the $10 entrance fee, we were allowed to set up a table to offer scrubbies right in the middle of the action. The String Scrubbie Project raised $75 for UNICEF, in exchange for three scrubbies and a brown knit poncho that I donated. I also donated a blue knit poncho to the group's raffle. (The ponchos are valued at $60 or more.)

The live Indian music was awesome, and yummy food was provided by Govinda's of West LA. There was an extensive silent auction as well as a raffle. And lots of information about some of the areas affected by the tsunami.

Photos and a writeup will soon be posted on tsunamireliefla.org and www.shantisos.com/thailand.

100% of cash funds that were raised will directly benefit tsunami survivors. Some will go to care for lost dogs in Phuket, some will go toward providing families with a basic survival kit including a wok, cooking pot, bug spray and other necessities, and some will go to help Ao Nang and Koh Lanta boating families, who have not received a cent of aid since the disaster happened.

The Ao Nang boating project is sponsored by freelance writer Shanti Sosienski. Many Thai families have lost their boats, which are their source of livelihood for fishing and tours. Shanti accepts cash donations via PayPal or you can mail them to her or me. For the price of a single latte, you can buy about a week's worth of food in Thailand. She will take a donation of $1, $5, $10 or whatever you are able to give. No donation is too small. More info on her site.

Funds raised by check today will be sent to UNICEF on Monday (I am in charge of this since the String Scrubbie Project has a UNICEF connection), and those total more than $1400!

Thanks to all of you for donating your beautiful hand crafts to raise money for these people really in need. We got a LOT of compliments on the lovely work, and people are impressed that knitters and crocheters from across the country are coming together as a community to help the community of the world.

Posted by sedda at February 12, 2005 10:42 AM