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February 20, 2005

Help Thai people in need


As you know, hundreds of thousands of lives were suddenly changed by the December 26 tsunami waves that destroyed families and communities.

I have decided I need to do more to help. On March 11, I will be traveling with two extraordinary women to Thailand to lend a hand for tsunami relief for three weeks. My main traveling companion will be Shilpa Rajpara, who is using her vacation time from her HR job to make a difference. We will meet up with Shanti Sosienski, a freelance writer, who has raised more than $4500 in cash to give directly to Thai citizens rebuilding their lives. Shanti has inspired us to make the journey.

Shilpa and I will spend a few days learning about the Thai culture, then we will travel south via Krabi, where we will be helping people who need it. We have plans to assist villagers of Koh Lanta fix boats so they can return to their livelihood. We hope to help out rebuilding temples, or schools, or daycare centers. Other opportunities await us. We plan to bring back many stories of hope, rebirth, and new beginnings.

The String Scrubbie Project, begun about a week after the tsunami happened, organizes volunteer knitters across the country to donate handmade dishcloths/washcloths as a tsunami survivor fundraiser. We have sent $200 to UNICEF that we have raised by Scrubbie sales. Future scrubbie sales will be split between UNICEF and assisting Thais in need.


There are several ways you can get involved to help tsunami survivors, without breaking your piggy bank. No donation is too small. We encourage you to skip that latte or pack a lunch once, and send just $1, $5 or $10 toward the following efforts:

1. To HELP THE THAI PEOPLE DIRECTLY, you may do this in a couple of ways: You could buy a scrubbie and write the check to me, indicating 'direct relief' on the check. Or, you could send a check/cash to me outright. Note that this part of the fundraiser will continue throughout the year and funds can be wired directly to the Thai people later, if you miss the 3/11 deadline.

2. HELP ME TO HELP OTHERS. If you would like to help sponsor my March 11 tsunami relief trip; I am footing the bill on my own expenses and am open to donations. Please indicate 'bug' in the memo of your check, if you can help.
Other Items I am looking for specifically:
—Loan/donate to me a 12" Apple Powerbook with Office for documenting the project
—Fresh film and batteries
—A lead bag for the xray machine
—A few 'flags' or banners of various designs that say thank you, for use in photographs. We could use two of them, $25 each, and a graphic designer to make a cool PDF so we can get them printed.

3. HELP AND GET A TAX DEDUCTION. If you would like to make a difference, but prefer to earn a tax deduction in the process, you may donate $10 to receivea Hand-knit 100% Cotton Dishcloth suitable for kitchen or bath. You may make the check payable to UNICEF Tsunami Relief. If you prefer, your money can benefit the Thai people directly, just write the check to me and let me know.
It would be most excellent if you could slip an extra buck in the envelope for postage, or send a large SASE, so I can mail the scrubbie back to you. I know this sounds a little cheap-o, but I'm really finding these small expenses add up—and my pockets aren't quite deep enough.

4. Knit scrubbies for the String Scrubbie Project.

Donations may be sent to the Knitzilla! mailbox:

Knitzilla! String Scrubbie Project
4845 Fountain Ave #11
Los Angeles CA 90029

Many, many thanks for your generosity in supporting tsunami relief. If you have given generously already, I completely understand and do not wish to pressure you again. But I hope you will let your friends know, so they have the opportunity to help, as well.

Peace and love to you,

Sedda K (Ms. Bug)
project mail: scrubbie[at] rain circle (dot)com

Posted by sedda at February 20, 2005 03:18 PM