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January 14, 2005

Harrowing tsunami tales

There are thousands of tales of horror and help from those who have experienced the tsunami and earthquake in December. One story that made it more real for me is this first person account from Emma Squire, a tourist whose family was caught up in the washing-machine-like rushing waters in Sri Lanka's Arugam Bay.

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January 08, 2005

Join the String Scrubbie Project!

Almost a week ago, we launched the String Scrubbie Project to benefit tsunami victims. As part of KNITZILLAs core value to give positively to the community of our world, we Knit to Help. In this project, we are knitting or crocheting cotton dishcloths/facecloths that we are selling online and in area stores. From each scrubbie sold, we will donate $10 to the Red Cross or UNICEF, and we ask for an additional donation of $1 per scrubbie for the purchase of yarn for the project. We hope you will participate in any way you can, and let your friends know about the project!

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